Offspring | Series Five: Episode Twelve | Nina and Billie
Kat Stewart and Asher Keddie

Offspring | Series Five: Episode Twelve | Nina and Billie

Kat Stewart and Asher Keddie


Friday Aug 8 @ 12:23am
Offspring hearthrob Matt Le Nevez admits he’s a ‘homebody’ after the arrival of his son

By Briana Domjen
The Daily Telegraph | July 31, 2014 9:16AM

OFFSPRING hearthrob Matt Le Nevez has become some what of a homebody since the arrival of his firstborn son, but makes an exemption to a night on the town for David Jones.

The hunky actor, whose American partner Michelle Monique gave birth to their son Levi last month, said the department store is close to his heart due to family ties.

“I am a bit of a homebody, Le Nevez told Confidential last night at David Jones’ spring summer launch.

“I just had a little boy so coming out is a bit of a thing, but I am a big supporter of DJ’s because my grandmother used to work here.”

When it comes to work, Le Nevez isn’t short of projects having appeared as lovable character Patrick on Offspring and having wrapped up filming on Love Child.

“We just wrapped on Love Child, I finished yesterday so series two is in the can which is exciting,” he said.

“It will be on air next year.”

Le Nevez is also set to begin filming on ‘The Kettering Incident’, which he will star in alongside The Great Gatsby’s Elizabeth Debicki.

The eight episode mystery drama is set to appear on Foxtel’s SoHo channel.

“I am about to head down to Tasmasnia to show a thing called The Kettering Incident for Foxtel which is a really really amazing project actually, so I can’t wait,” he said.


Friday Aug 8 @ 12:19am


season 5 episode 13 promo - season finale

Friday Aug 8 @ 12:08am
Offspring: five predictions for how season five will end

July 31, 2014 - 10:04AM

With only one more episode of Offspring to go – and no sixth series guaranteed – fans are wondering how this season will end. And after two weeks of twists that had everyone rushing to tweet their shock at Nina’s latest heartbreak and Billie’s big decision, anything could happen. Here are five predictions of what might - or should - happen next.

1. Nina’s career dilemma

Will she stay or will she go? Sure, a nine-to-five job at a women’s wellness centre sounds appealing when you’re trying to balance motherhood and a career, but can Nina really leave St Francis? I bet there’s no kiss-chasey in the hallways of the Abbotsford clinic, but there is also less of a chance of running into your new boyfriend holding the hand of his wife as she gives birth to their second child.

Prediction: Nina stays on the condition Martin Clegg, PhD, is never tagged “it”.

2. #teamleo

Stand up Patrick Brammall and take a bow. When the guy you replaced as resident hospital hottie, Matt Le Nevez, starts tweeting that he’s on #teamleo, you know you are doing something right. From the awkward one-night-stand that didn’t quite get there, to his careful handling of the Thomas-is-a-two-timing-bastard situation and then his refusal to take advantage of Nina, Leo has (almost) erased all memories of Patrick. He’s the first seemingly normal guy in Nina’s life – no baggage, no hesitation, just a good ol’ care package delivery in an orange string bag (see, he’s so decent he doesn’t even use plastic bags!). Plus, he looks super hot in his work pants.

Prediction: Nina and Leo get together and lead a campaign that eventually sees plastic bags banned in greater Melbourne.

3. Billie and Mick and Lawrence

Was there ever a more heartbreaking sight than a wounded Lawrence telling Billie he wasn’t going to let her go? Lawrence is a rock – a really buff rock – but he’s no Mick. How could Billie say no to a man who once wrote her a song that contained the line “your sister’s a six but you’re a perfect 10”? But is Mick enough of a reason to pack up and move to London?

Prediction: Billie moves to London with Mick, while Lawrence releases a book, Knit Wit: How I Survived Heartbreak through Cashmere.

4. Family Proudman

Let’s not forget the rest of the clan have had a reasonably rocky year, too – Billy and Zara had to cope with Alfie’s liver failure, resulting in Geraldine donating part of her liver, while Darcy returned from his outback wanderings only to see Nina giving the kitchen table a good ol’ wipedown with Thomas.

Prediction: Geraldine and Darcy get back together, then break up, then get back together, then break up ….

5. Channel Ten

With Wednesday night’s The Bachelor premiere seriously eating into Offspring’s start time, you have to wonder where Ten’s head is at. They have had a car crash of a year – ratings are down, shows have been axed and they’ve made had a large chunk of their news crew redundant. So wouldn’t you think the logical thing to do would be build on their one critically-acclaimed show?

Of course not! Why bother with characters that people can relate to, when you can get a bunch of “ladies” drunk and then turn on the camera as they prostrate themselves in front of a man with a voice so ridiculously deep even Barry White’s ghost is cringeing?

Even worse, why hesitate on a sixth season of Offspring yet happily commission a second season of the dreadful Secret Life of Us wannabe, Wonderland. Ten, you make no sense!

Prediction: Offspring gets a sixth season and Ange appears on the first season of The Bachelorette.


Friday Aug 8 @ 12:07am

Anonymous said: hey, do you know the actors name of the lady that played a doctor and offered the job over the phone in last nights episode?

Sorry I have no idea!

However as soon as the credits are released on the official website here I shall update this post and let you know.

Thursday Jul 7 @ 11:53pm
Director of Photography John Brawley behind the scenes of Offspring 5x04.

Director of Photography John Brawley behind the scenes of Offspring 5x04.


Wednesday Jul 7 @ 06:10pm
Offspring writer Michael Lucas is around tonight for a live Q&A on twitter from 7:00PM AET. Ensure you include the hashtag – #OffspringChat – within your tweet! (: Wednesday Jul 7 @ 06:01pm



Wednesday Jul 7 @ 05:08pm
Eddie Perfect goes into hiding when an Offspring plot unfolds as social media goes into overdrive

By Briana Domjen

WHEN a major plot unfolds on Offspring, Eddie Perfect goes into hiding.

The lovable actor, who plays Mick Holland on the popular Channel 10 show, said social media often goes into overdrive when a dramatic plot unfolds and the best way to deal with it is to simply “hide.”

“When Mick came back on the screen last week I kind of hid … I hid from social media basically,” Perfect told Confidential.

“I didn’t watch it, I went to bed.

“It is all positive feedback, but it is just weird. Social media is a different force than what it used to be. When people are feeling stressed about the outcome of a drama show or they’re worried that it’s not going to go the way they want, then they get on twitter and they say, “tell me what is going to happen or why did you do that. So I just hide.”

Well aware Offspring has been water-cooler topic since it’s debut, the well respected Australian actor and comedian said the fact he is often branded “hot” is still something he struggles to comprehend.

“I think it is the magic of television,” he said.

“It has never happened in real life.

“I think people fall in love with what you represent and your character.”

The latest plot line in the long-running Channel 10 show sees Mick return from London in an attempt to woo his wife, Billie, who has moved on with Nina’s ex-marriage counsellor.


Wednesday Jul 7 @ 01:51pm

Steve Austin chats to “Offspring” star Jane Harber:

30 July 2014 , 10:41 AM by Gabrielle Burke

She plays zany midwife Zara in “Offspring”, she was Michael Hutchence’s first girlfriend in the INXS telemovie “Never Tear Us Apart”, and now Jane Harber has become a household name.

Steve Austin chats to the actress about her many roles and what she does in her spare time. 


Wednesday Jul 7 @ 01:44pm
Alexandra Keddie: 

I’m very chuffed Herald Sun! Catch #offspring again tonight for Danielle’s return. Does Thomas have a explanation!?!?


Alexandra Keddie:

I’m very chuffed Herald Sun! Catch #offspring again tonight for Danielle’s return. Does Thomas have a explanation!?!?


Wednesday Jul 7 @ 01:16pm
Offspring: Season 5 Preview Episode 12, Not Yet Renewed for Season 6

By Anshu Shrivastava | July 29, 2014 8:17 PM EST

"Offspring" has not yet been renewed for Season 5. The shocking twist in the last episode makes it inevitable that there be a new season to show how Nina deals with the betrayal, find new love or find the right man in Leo.

In the final moments of “Offspring” Season 5 Episode 11, Nina was shocked to discover that Thomas is still a married man, and her new patient, who is heavily pregnant, is his wife. Nina was growing close to Thomas, and she had started to feel comfortable with him. When Nina realised that she had not told him much about Patrick, she set a date with him to talk about Patrick and tell Thomas all about him. This indicated her seriousness towards Thomas and commitment to their relationship.  In the penultimate episode, Nina is likely to find it difficult to keep her composure and not confront Thomas in front of his wife.

Leo has been there for her, giving her wise, practical advice whenever she had come to him with a dilemma. It seems he will help her deal with Thomas’s betrayal and the realisation that the man was two timing.

Also in the previous episode, Billie at first moved in with Lawrence, not wanting to enter a destructive circle like her mother. She chose stability over her feelings for Mick. However, Billie was unable to wipe-out Mick from her thoughts and begin her relationship with Lawrence, who confessed that he loves her. At the end of the episode, the love for Mick won over her desire to have a stable partner like Lawrence. She went to the pub where Mick was performing and in front of his audience, she confessed that she loves him. In the upcoming episode, Mick would want Billie to come with him to London. It will be interesting to see what kind of shape Mick and Billie’s relationship take in the final two episodes of “Offspring” Season 5.            

Meanwhile, Mail Online reports that “Wonderland” is scheduled to take “Offspring” time slot from August 13. The final episode of “Offspring” Season 5 is scheduled to air on August 06.    

This Wednesday, “Offspring” will air after the premiere of “The Bachelor Australia.”


Wednesday Jul 7 @ 01:11pm


Flashback: Season 1, Episode 4 “Playing Aloof”


I want you to know I understand, totally, we’re all stressed, we all work long hours, we all have our moments, really I understand.

Just one piece of advice, next time you might want to consider locking the door, next time perhaps don’t flirt with other members of staff so persistently, furthermore, if there is another colleague who has been showing interest in you Chris, maybe you should just be honest with them, just tell them straight up.

Don’t tell them your life’s too complicated, your in no position for relationship, then turn around and bang a midwife on your out tray with an obstetrics ward right outside the door,

That’s all, thanks Chris, see you at work, Nina.


Yeah, you can’t say any of that, you’ll look like a total psycho.

Wednesday Jul 7 @ 12:44pm

iheartoffspring said: Hey Hun, any definitive news on season 6?


At one point I thought it was confirmed there would be, however that turned out not to be true. Many of the articles out at the moment are suggesting series five will be it’s last. 

Although until I have proof of it ending, I refuse to give up hope.

Changing the subject, your blog is great – already followed! Do you create the GIFs yourself? Given the amount of posts you’ve published I take it you’re new? Welcome to the Offspring fandom on tumblr!

Feel free to shout out if you need any help getting around. I remember when I first started blogging on here, I was confused out of my mind!

Wednesday Jul 7 @ 12:40pm

Some beautiful portraits of Asher in this week’s TV WEEK.

Where can I buy that top? ;)


Tuesday Jul 7 @ 03:55pm
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